How Do I Buy?

Every bicycle on this blog has been handpicked me, Leonardo Talpo. I travel from Singapore 3 times a year and journey around Italy’s countrysides in search of forgotten treasures that I then refurbish to be of standard for you, the customer. Unless stated otherwise, each bicycle is delivered to you ready to ride as you please.

For the maximum convenience and enjoyment around this website, feel free to check out all bicycles in stock here

  • Make sure to check that the bicycle is the right size for you before you contact me, I’m afraid the sizes cannot be altered.
  • Contact me via email, phone or skype. I want to work with the customer on a personal basis to ensure optimum satisfaction, and also because there’s only one of me! I accept payments via PayPal, so let’s speak and I can give you the details once you are ready to buy! (feel free to contact me just for more details about the bicycles!)
  • If you’re local to Singapore I will happily welcome you to my bicycle wonderland so you can view your desired bicycle in person.
  • Worldwide Shipment is available upon request. Standard shipping fees is normally aplied, but in most countries I am able to ship for a flat fee of S$ 180 per bike. Pleas ask me via email:

Have you found your dream bike?

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