Dear Leonardo,
I am so happy to tell you I have received the “MASI Prestige” you sold me, it is in good shape and looks very good. I will ride it soon and I am sure I will enjoy it.
I am also happy it came through customs with no other charges, that was a nice surprise.
Thank you very much for the good service, all went as planned and I got my vintage bicycle even before the expected 10 days minimum forecast time.
Best regards
                                                                                                          – James Kremeski – Wisconsin – USA 

“I bought my 1st vintage roady from giroditalia and have not regretted since. The Bianchi I had from there had brought me over many great, memorable distances. Probably as old or even older than me, it has not failed me during my rides both locally and overseas. I really love my steel horse. thanks to Leonardo and giroditalia.asia for bringing this beauty in.”

Ms. Chelsea Khoo Hui Ming who bought the Vintage  “Bianchi” Celeste – Singapore

“Leonardo is  knowledgeable and passionate about vintage italian bikes. The “go to” guy if you’re looking to invest in one.”

                                                                                  – Mr. Lawrence Chia who bought the Vintage “Bianchi” Red – Singapore

“This bike is from Giroditalia, offered by Leonardo, gave me a new hope that steel bike can go very, very far and fast.Gatto Bigio, now 40, is an italian bike which I totally transformed, a reward for this heritage, for staying faithfully strong, beautiful and gentle in my century rides in Malaysia. It is a feeling of reconnecting to real feelings of joy and simplicity of life. 
Now it has been restored to its finest form with top end wheels and converted to single speed, to be ridden every weekend as my dawn breaking (sunrise) companion. I have kept the charm of the Galli brake set, pantograph seat-post and chain-rings to accentuate the bike historical essence. I still remember one time at a cafe, an Italian banker looked at it with close examination and exclaimed, this is a Pinarello! It would be in those days, but this particular found its way from the factory to an Italian artisan who custom build bikes under its own flagship.
Gatto, cat in italian, is a bike with a special relationship with its owner. The kind of bike you will want as a vintage and still ride daily. Most importantly, being vain, it draws admiration from others. 
I have bought 2 bikes from Giroditalia and never failed to realize how much value the bikes come with, from narrated and researched history sprouting from Leonardo. It has helped me bond with them. (Cinelli is now with Fanny)
Thank you Leonardo for bringing the rich Italian heritage to Singapore.”

                                                                              – Mr. John Koh who bought the Vintage “GATTO BIGIO” & “CINELLI – Singapore

“I took it out for a ride last Sunday. Rides beautifully and now in my dining room as a show piece. My eldest twins had a go at the bikes as well, at the lowest seat setting and he likes the bike very much. Let me know if you have more bikes coming in future. Thanks again, Alex”

                                                                             – Mr. Alex Lee who bought the Vintage “LEGNANO” Celeste – Singapore

“My steel addiction begins! Thanks to Giro D’Italia and Vanguard. Looks good in my office but my PA went nuts……. My office was jammed with admiring engineers who because of what we do are drawn to excellent design, craftsmanship and the longevity this represents. One uncle in my office even had one about 40yrs ago, he suggested not to ride it and leave it on display! He could not stop smiling. If I leave it there I may convert a few more people :)”

                                                                           – Mr. Vince D’Rozario who bought the Vintage “LEGNANO” Grey – Singapore/Australia

“Hi Leonardo, I have already tried out the beautiful ‘Ferracin-Wilier’, condition is Super Good. Thank you for bringing all these Vintage to Singapore”

                                                                          – Mr. Kelvin Kuan who bought the Vintage “FERRACIN-WILIER” – Singapore

“Leonardo, ‘Gina’ (the name he gave to the bike) rides beautifully, VERY HAPPY J”

                                                                          – Mr. Foo-Voon Loh who bought the Vintage “Olmo” Cooper – Singapore

“Leonardo, it is a really nice bike thank you so much, it is a quality item”

                                                                         – Mr. Colin Miller who bought the Vintage “SANNINO” – Singapore/UK

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