the Man behind the Business

Leonardo Talpo is an Italian avid cyclist living in Singapore. Since 2005 he’s been working as an educator (Soft Skills trprincipal trainer) and counsellor in the field of human relationships (see: wwwleonardotalpo.com). In Me2011, Giro d’Italia Vintage was started to ignite the love for epoch racing and daily-life bicycles around the globe. So passionate about this area of his life, Leonardo began to travel all around Italy to handpick period bicycles in order to refurbish and sell them to the modern generations, spreading this fervour for the sport and the collections around Asia and the UK. Anyone, anywhere can now have their hands on classic Italian bicycles for collection or racing purposes.

With the high level of demand Leonardo received for his unmistakable service and commitment to the restoration of these timeless “velos”, expansion was inevitable. Now, not only can you buy a vintage racing bicycle, but you can join the groups Leonardo is putting together to travel and race with them in his home country, Italy. Events like l’Eroica, which sees thousands of participants a year, are one of the many Leonardo plans to invite groups of cyclists too – merging italian culture and the love for cycling into one.

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