LEGNANO – Size 52 [PV009-12] – SOLD


Bicycle Specifications

  • Name: Legnano 
  • Year: 80s
  • Size: 52×53
  • Material: Steel
  • Derailleurs/Levers : Galli
  • Crankset: Galli
  • Brakes/Levers: Universal
  • Dropbar: 3TTT
  • Saddle:  Italia – Leather
  • Wheels: Rims: Nisi tubular
  • Hubs: Legnano type
  • Condition: The bike has been totally cleaned. Parts which were not working properly have been replaced with original Vintage parts, except cables and  tubular, which are new. The bike is ready to ride.
  • Availability: In Stock
Note: For Reservation, S$300 Deposit is required. This will entitle you to be a first priority buyer. If after inspecting the bike & you decide not to buy it, 100% deposit will be returned.

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